Francesca Caon


My first professional dream was always to become an actress.

Cinema and theatre, an unchanging love: the lights, the stage, the scene, and the possibility of getting into the viewers' hearts through that wonderful medium of words.

Francesca Caon, the diploma from Teatro Stabile del Veneto Academy of Dramatic Art

In 2004 I graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto, one of the most stimulating organisations in our country; this allowed me, in a few short years, to get in touch with some of the best-known and most-appreciated people in the industry, who confirmed and widened my interest in this world populated by incredible artists.

Francesca Caon: her collaborations in Rai, Italian TV Broadcaster, and in some recording companies

During the following years I decided to move to Rome, starting a career in the television industry which led to me working on Rai programmes such as "Ragazzi c'è Voyager" by Roberto Giacobbo and Unomattina Estate, by Eleonora Daniele.

In the musical field I have had the privilege of working with record labels like Universo Spa, which has the advantage of having established itself as the undisputed leader in the field of compilations like Hitmania Dance, and Banana Records  –  famous worldwide for producing and launching artists like Easy Going, Vivien Lee and the immortal "Gioca Jouer" by Claudia Cecchetto, who still holds the record for royalties in the history of music. My great passion for the cinema, like any authentic first love, however, has never left me.

Francesca Caon

Following a break abroad, where I dealt with managing relations with government bodies and European civil protection for a well-known Spanish forest firefighting airline company, I dedicated myself to film events which have met with considerable public success and, equally, media appeal.

Sabaudia Film Festival

Organising the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Sabaudia Film Festival, conceived under the artistic direction of Simona Izzo and Ricky Tognazzi, remains among my favourite professional achievements.

The Public Relations

The decision to devote myself full-time to public relations, a field which is still so unknown in Italy but which, in the rest of the world, plays a major role in the most forward-looking and cutting-edge companies, is simply the result of the sum of experiences and knowledge gained over the years when I breathed the essence of the entertainment world from within.

I have learned to understand the logic which regulates it and the approached which, if pursued properly, can bring your brand success through fruitful relationships with media and journalists.

The transversal nature of my background is, in fact, an added value which I have been able to put at the service of my clients, both as a press office and a PR consultant, until I took the decision to open the CAON Public Relations agency to devote myself exclusively to the projects I believe in and which make me enthusiastic about my work every day.