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Don't wait for the media to look for you, but get them talking about you and providing you with brand recognition which lasts.
Our public relations services are designed for entrepreneurs and professionals
who want to make their brand stand out in the market and in people's minds.

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To achieve the success you deserve, identify and stimulate desire, making you unmistakable.
Successful communication has the task of increasing the desirability of your brand, your product and your image thanks to visibility and constant media exposure. 


Consumers are continually subjected to uninterrupted stimuli, and this give them a suspicious attitude. Through the right public relations strategy, you will be able to instil confidence and empathy in your customer, highlighting the quality of what you offer.


Thanks to our knowledge of key languages, we will help you establish yourself as a big name in your industry. Being considered as a point of reference for a specific user/market community is the step which will let you stand out and rise above your competitors.  

Constant and effective media coverage

The more your name appears in the press, the more credibility you'll have in the eyes of the public.

Your growing popularity will convince them that your business, and no other, is the best choice. 

Anyone can access advertisements or paid sponsored editorials, but only a few can earn a space in the mass media to tell their story or get interviewed for free.

Being a benefit reserved for the privileged few, your name's prestige will begin to rise continuously, setting off a virtuous circle for your brand and, consequently, for your business.

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Why PR?

Everyone knows the term public relations, but few really know what it's all about.

There are still a lot of misunderstandings and confusion about this profession, and in our country it's something which is completely unknown to most people.

So let's be clear: PR means firstly attract the media's attention in a genuine way, without those paid shortcuts which often irreparably damage the credibility of those who decide to use them.

CAON Public Relations

A public relations agency, specialising in companies, brands and entrepreneurs.

A success story cannot disregard fame and recognition.

Knowing how to communicate the uniqueness of your corporate mission through the most cutting-edge media and communication channels is essential to achieve the goal you deserve.

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In recent years I have helped dozens of companies and entrepreneurs get constant coverage in the mass media (dailies, newspapers, radio and tv).

In over 15 years of experience in the world of cinema, entertainment and the media in general, I have gained an extraordinary number of contacts, which are essential to generate PR and visibility for your brand.

My mission is to accompany you step by step in this fascinating world, using a scientific method to build the perfect strategy around your specific needs.

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