Alberto Camuncoli

My need was to gain visibility in the media for my brand "Investire con successo (Investing successfully)" and bring my services and my business history to the attention of the newspapers and their target audience, while benefiting from a differentiating and more authoritative focus compared to the competition.

How to approach the media with a strategic vision

In the consultancy I found what I was looking for, namely, useful information and advice to implement the PR within the overall Brand positioning strategy of my company.

Claudia was immediately very prepared, kind and empathetic, ready to answer all my questions and clarify any doubts, all the while knowing how to direct me precisely towards the right strategy to be undertaken to make the most of a powerful tool such as PR.

The consultancy was used to fully understand the world of PR and the mechanisms that regulate it.

This allowed me to analyse what are the prospects, the achievable objectives and the ways to achieve them through PR, step by step, without ever neglecting a wide-ranging strategic vision.

The Strategic Media Plan has been useful to me in identifying the newsworthy angles and the most suitable and targeted newspapers for my objectives.

I also found relevant the media analysis of competitors, which is very useful to understand how they move in relation to the press and with what angles. 

I would certainly advise other people to contact CAON Public Relations to take advantage of similar services.

I would like to thank Francesca, Claudia and the entire CAON Public Relations team for the work they have done and the expertise they have put at my disposal.