Andrea Uzcategui

I discovered Francesca and her CAON Public Relations by chance, thanks to a reference in an important Italian Marketing group.

I bought the book and the course on PR without hesitation. 

CAON Public Relations and strategic consultancy for GoGirl

When I took a look at the material, I immediately noted Francesca's skill and professionalism and I chose to buy strategic advice to better understand how I can enhance, through the media, the reputation of the GoGirl project, of which I am a partner.

Okay, I have to admit, when I bought strategic advice, I was a little hesitant. Although the impressions were excellent, usually the "initial" advice is brands masked by advice, which have the sole objective of selling "the next, more complete plan/course/advice".

But my mind was truly changed in this case. Claudia, the expert who followed me, not only was super professional but she was able to analyse the company and the level of newsworthiness of the project.

Visibility in the media

At the end of the consultation, I received a highly detailed report with the exact steps I should follow to bring the project to the media.

And that's not all! I felt the 'wow' effect when I also received CONTACTS for journalists so that I could immediately start putting the advice received into practice.

In the end, we chose not to continue alone but to be supported for a year by the CAON Team. And that was the best investment we could have made.

After only 3 months, we appeared in dozens of top national newspapers, online and in print. We have gained authority and new customers.

We are highly satisfied.

Our heartfelt thanks.

Andrea UzcateguiWeb Marketing Consultant and Partner of GoGirl by Stefania Sugarfree