Matteo Dubbini

When I approached CAON Public Relations, I was looking for an agency for my company Weedbase that would help us communicate in a serious and competent way with the media, fully supporting us in what was our main objective: to tell our story and the path that we have taken without manipulation and misrepresentation.

Since the beginning of the collaboration, we have received solid support.

Weedbase gains notoriety thanks to press coverage 

Media publications such as Startup Italia, Green me, Greenplanner, MilanoToday and some specialised sector media have allowed us to give visibility to our donations to hospitals that, during the Coronavirus emergency, were doubly important for us and a source of great pride.

Thanks to Francesca's work, we acquired a press review, authority among a wide audience and also new customers interested in our products.

The company has become newsworthy thanks to a communication strategy based on our values and without the use of speculation or subterfuge of various kinds; an essential aspect, because the delicate news processed by the agency could have damaged us if managed with less rigorous care or poor professionalism.

I recommend CAON Public Relations to anyone who wants to tell the story of their company with sincerity and dynamism.

And of course I recommend Francesca, a fair and honest professional who has succeeded in optimally managing contact with the press, which can sometimes be delicate, allowing us to continue our work with extreme serenity.

Matteo DubbiniCEO Weedbase