Ornella Auzino

Having an online reputation is fundamental, and this is one of the main aspects that prompted me to collaborate with Francesca and her agency.

Since our first interview, the understanding of the strategic objectives linked to my authority has been immediate, as well as the results I hoped to achieve.

Being interviewed by journalists and appearing on print media has been an extraordinary support for the consolidation of my work.

Thanks to the services of CAON Public Relations, numerous local newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations have featured me.

Publications as a guarantee of notoriety among the relevant public

The constant publications obtained have allowed me to make myself known to a wider audience, highlighting the important aspects of my work and at the same time increasing the public awareness of my authority.

The results were possible thanks to the discretion and passion of Francesca, who showed a desire to really contribute to the project beyond the mere working relationship.

The communicative factor is a crucial strength: presence and continuous availability are one of the trademarks of the agency, which has been able to grasp my needs by structuring an effective strategy around us.

From a human point of view, Francesca has always guided me in interviews trying to eliminate the fears and trepidation of a direct confrontation with important journalists, managing to mitigate my relationship with them.

There are people who are professional and capable in their work, and there are others who accompany and support the customer towards the right path to achieve the most ambitious objectives together: Francesca belongs to the second category.

I fully recommend the services of CAON Public Relations, fundamental in an era dominated by uncertainty and fake news that make it difficult to distinguish the true from the false.

Ornella AuzinoCEO, Le mie borse - production of Made in Italy bags