Valentina Vandilli

"Francesca is unique, just like the invite-only event that I attended. She is like a hawk that watches over the media and what's happening, interpreting the movements in the media and allowing people to convey fundamental concepts, namely: 

- What you do,
- What's great about your company,
- Highlighting your work history, through traditional and non-traditional videos.

Storytelling ability in traditional media 

Unfortunately, this is what's missing in the business world. She is the gap that currently exists between companies and the world of communication they do but are not known. I really liked one main factor: that she believes in traditional media. She believes in it because it's part of her work and it's also part of the tradition of Italian communication. From this meeting, I understood how to develop PR activities for my company and especially to understand many dynamics in the journalistic field that are obscure to most people and companies. 

Francesca Caon, a Public Relations professional who knows the individual markets

Francesca is an excellent professional, but at the same time very humble, because she seems like someone who knows how to listen, and I believe that's the first skill in general for a consultant.

So, I recommend her to everyone! Francesca is very competent, knows the market and her sector well. She can advise on the best service for that specific company, and that's not small feat because often people only want to sell a product or a service, instead, with her, I noticed that she has a particular care also for the type of person or company she's working with."

Valentina VandilliCEO Vandilli Consulting